Video: MORK – I Hornenes Bilde

Ny video fra MORK! Sjekk ut, «I Hornenes Bilde», ovenfor. <$$$3

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Dette er første smakebit fra det kommende tredjealbumet, «Eremittens Dal», som slippes på Peaceville Records, 13. oktober.

Videoen er laget av Daniel Pedersen/PunkRockPhoto.

Peaceville Records skriver:
Norwegian black metal from the rising underground force is coming to Peaceville this October, featuring guest appearances from Dimmu Borgir and 1349 members.

«Many have tried, many have failed. Mork nails it.»
Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone)

«I have seen the future of black metal, and its name is Mork. Halden Hellfire!»
Seidemann (1349)

Peaceville Records is proud to announce the signing of Norwegian Black Metallers, Mork, for their third studio album, Eremittens Dal, to be released October 13th.

Mork was created by Thomas Eriksen in 2004 & was primarily a side-project for Eriksen from inception until the debut album release in 2013, & since then the band has rightly earned their accolade as one of the top Norwegian black metal acts of recent years, receiving strong endorsements from their peers.

Eremittens Dal stands as a tribute to the spirit of old-school Norwegian black metal. The album is primarily inspired by the works of Darkthrone & Burzum, complete with raw production & ice-cold riffs, but with its own dynamic and atmospheric twist; stepping effortlessly between the ferocious and the melancholy, covering themes of hate, death, seclusion and misanthropy, both lyrically and in the way that a one-man-band makes music in solitude, perfectly fitting of the title, translated as ‘Valley of the hermit’.

“Mork caught my attention a couple of years ago and I was immediately drawn to the atmospheric and reclusive soundscapes, enticed by the desolate and solitary approach – true to the old Norwegian Black Metal ways. It was as if I was thrown back in time. So when I got asked to add vocals on two tracks I didn’t hesitate to comply, I just instantly knew I was meant to have a part in it!” Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir)

The suitably grim pencil cover art comes courtesy of Jannicke Wiese-Hansen, who famously made artwork for early Burzum and Satyricon releases.

Du kan forhåndsbestille albumet på cd og vinyl her.